MACC, Inc. Mission Statement

The mission of the Monticello Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc., a 501(c)6 non-profit membership organization is to provide the leadership to promote Monticello and the surrounding area MACC members.  MACC will serve as a catalyst for the development of business and industry in the area and shall gather and disseminate information to its members and other interested parties.

People who haven’t been part of a local chamber often think we’re part of the government, or a charity, or we just host golf tournaments and cocktail parties. This tongue-in-cheek video shares how we help businesses be more successful by connecting them with clients and customers, representing their interests to elected officials, and keeping them abreast of trends and changes affecting them.
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NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES –  This is one of the most important benefits of membership.  Networking and new business contacts help your business grow.  We hold monthly meetings offering you an opportunity to network to introduce yourself and your business to other chamber members.

CREDIBILITY –  68% of consumers believe that chamber membership is a sign of a reputable, stable business.  70% believe that it demonstrates that you use good business practices.  Being a member of the Chamber gives you credibility.

VISIBILITY – Members are provided with a membership certificate and window cling to display at their place of business proudly showing chamber membership.  Members can also show the Chamber logo on their advertising, marketing and PR materials.

CHAMBER BUCKS: Each year over $30,000 is redeemed locally using Chamber Bucks Gift Certificates.  That money circulates through our local economy, supporting our MACC members and their organizations!

Purchased at the MACC office, Chamber Bucks are one of the area’s favorite gift giving ideas.  This program allows the recipients to redeem their chamber bucks at over 100 different locations.  It’s the perfect way to Pay It Local and give the Gift of Choice!

REFERRALS: As a membership organization, we offer free referrals to member businesses.  When your potential customers call, we refer them only to MACC members who provide these services. This is another chamber benefit that helps to grow your business.

SIGNATURE EVENTS SPONSORSHIP:   You can highlight your business by sponsoring signature events, managed by MACC volunteers and open to the entire community.  These opportunities provide excellent exposure for your business.

MACC, Inc. Background

The MACC was created as a membership organization to promote the business and industry interest of Monticello, Iowa and the surrounding area.  The Monticello Express, dated August 10, 1933, announced “New Chamber of Commerce is Established”.   It was reorganized throughout the years and in October 1989 became incorporated as the Monticello Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc., a 501(c)6 nonprofit.

MACC is made up of a nine-member, volunteer board of directors who is elected by the organization’s membership. The Board employs a director to lead MACC in promoting and supporting local businesses and industries.

The Monticello Area Chamber of Commerce is here to answer your questions, be your source for information about Monticello and the surrounding areas, and serve its membership.

Please stop by our office at 204 East First Street in downtown Monticello during normal business hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday.  Visitor and tourism information (maps, pamphlets, etc.) is available 24/7 in the lobby.

MACC, Inc. Board of Directors

The Board of Directors governs the business, property, and affairs of the Monticello Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (MACC, Inc.). The Board is responsible for establishing policy, budgets, and the guidance of affairs for the 501(c)6 non-profit as directed in Iowa Code 504. The Board is composed of nine (9) persons who shall be members in good standing of the MACC, Inc.  Directors are elected for a term of three (3) years which are staggered so that approximately one-third of the directors are elected each year.  They  may be elected to fill a second three (3) year term. Vacancies in the board shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining directors.

The Board of Directors of the Monticello Area Chamber of Commerce represents the diversity of the area’s businesses and population. To be considered to be a Director, nominees must be members in good standing as outlined in the MACC, Inc. Bylaws.