Pocket Park FAQ

How can I donate?
Donors can complete and mail-in the form located in the Monticello Express to purchase an engraved brick for $100.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Donations to the Monticello Pocket Park can be made to City of Monticello/Pocket Park Fund; these donations are deductible under Section 170 (c)(1) of the Code. The mailing address for donations is: City of Monticello/Pocket Park Fund, 200 East First Street, Monticello IA 52310

How is the Pocket Park Committee funding this project?

The Pocket Park is fundraising through private contributions from businesses, organizations and individuals; grants, fundraising events, and engraved bricks.  As of June 1, 2015, fundraising efforts totaled: $48,925.

How will funds be used?

•exterior wall upgrades to the now-exposed Grand China wall
•site prep, drainage, grading, etc.
•handicap accessible ramp
•small building for events and concessions
•art wall/donor recognition wall
•tables, chairs, benches, trash cans
•pavers and installation

What is the project timeline?

•Started spring 2015: site prep, improve brick wall
•City parking lot completion summer/fall 2015
•Art Wall coming- Summer/Fall 2015
•Pocket Park Substantial Completion: Spring 2016

What is the history of this lot? How did the Pocket Park plan originate?

In November 2012, a devastating fire spread through Downtown Monticello and impacted several businesses: Home Furniture Gallery, Monticello Carpets and Interiors, Steve Intelkofer/Carrie Shroeder, and Keleher’s Jewelry.